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නොමිලයේම බා ගන්න Adobe Dreamweaver CS6

Jun 23, 2012 | 4 comments

ඇඩෝබි  ඩ්‍රීම් විවර් කිවම හැමෝම දන්නා සොෆ්ට්වෙයා එකක්නේ , බොහෝ අයත් හොයනවා ඒ වගේම නව සංස්කරණය නොමිලයේම බා ගන්න ,

Features software, Adobe DreamWeaver CS6:

- Construction, design, edit web pages
- Web design environment with three different methods
- Supports different formats of web pages, Active Server Pages (ASP), Java Server, PHP, XML, HTML, JSP, CSS, ASPX, and several other programming languages ​​and
- An environment different from other software and very efficient and professional
- Support for CSS and web design is based on
- Support use of all available tools such as Web pages, images, animation and ...
- Ability to communicate between applications written with popular databases
- Smart software is written in the identification code
- Compatible with other software company, Adobe
- Support for sweet Persian language fully
- Support and development of dynamic pages and dynamic with a power Jks (AJax)
- Full compatibility with popular software and Adobe Photoshop PSD format
- Online editing of web pages
- Ability to upload pages on the Web Server
- Adobe's new product support and compatibility with Adobe Air
- New and improved user interface for users
- Better compatibility with CSS and
- Design, develop and deploy dynamic user interfaces using the Spry framework for Ajax
- Increased efficiency in CSS web pages with Spry widgets components
- Environmentally compatible with the new Adobe Creative Suite and other products
- The possibility of entering into the project using CSS layouts CSS
- Incorporate data into web pages using XML from an RSS source or database
- Viewing the display on the mobile web site was designed using Adobe Device Central
- Transition to add such capabilities grow, shrink, fade, highlight & ...
- CSS allows complete management of
- Full support for sweet Persian language
- Support and compatibility with CMS
- Consistency and coordination of intelligence and special software with PHP
- Excellent possibilities for professional CSS
- Consistency with Adobe BrowseLab
- Compatibility and enables intelligent coding wordpress code
- Set up a new version
- Optimized for speed and performance of the installed system
- Compatibility with different versions of Windows, including the popular Windows 7 
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