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Photoshop CS5 වල ShortCut Keys ලැයිස්තුව

May 17, 2012 | 1 comments

තීම් එකත ටික කාලෙකට වෙනස් කරපු එකේ , Adobe Photoshop Cs5 වල ShortCut Key  Cheat Sheet ලැයිස්තුවක් බෙදාගන්න හිතුන , කාලෙකට කලින් මට ලැබුණු ,

Selection Shortcuts

Ctrl + A Select All
Ctrl + C Copy Selection
Ctrl + D Deselect
Ctrl + V Paste Selection
Ctrl + X Cut Selection

Ctrl + E Merge Down
Ctrl + F Last Filter
Ctrl + G Group Layers
Ctrl + H Show Extras
Ctrl + I Invert Colors
Ctrl + J Copy to New Layer
Ctrl + Q Exit (Attention!)
Ctrl + R Show / Hide Rulers
Ctrl + S Save / Save As
Ctrl + T Free Transform (Pretty useless)
Ctrl + W Close (Attention!)
Ctrl + Y Proof Colors
Ctrl + Z Undo / Redo
D Default Foreground/background color
F Toggle Screen Modes
Q Edit in Quick mask Mode


A Path Selection Tool (Vector) (Ctrl + Click changes to Direct Selection Tool)

B Brush Tools
C Crop Tool
E Eraser Tool
G Paint Bucket / Gradient Tool
H Hand Tool
I Eye Dropper Tool
J Healing Brush Tools
K Object Rotate Tool (3D)
L Lasso Tools
M Shape Marquee Tools
N Camera Rotate Tool (3D)
O Dodge Tool
P Pen Tool (Vector)
R Rotate View Tool (3D)
S Clone Stamp Tool
T Type Tools
U Shape Tools (Vector)
V Move Tool
W Magic Wand / Quick Selection Tool
Y History Brush Tool
Z Zoom Tool

Dialog Shortcuts

Ctrl + B Show Color Balance Dialog.
Ctrl + K Show Preferences -> General Dialog.
Ctrl + L Show Levels Dialog.
Ctrl + M Show Curves Dialog.
Ctrl + N Show Create New Document Dialog.
Ctrl + O Show Open Document Dialog.
Ctrl + P Show Print Dialog.
Ctrl + U Show Show Hue/Saturation Dialog.

The Function Keys

F1 Show Adobe Photoshop Help
F2 Cut
F3 Copy
F4 Paste
F5 Show / Hide Brush Panel
F6 Show / Hide Color Panel
F7 Show / Hide Layers Panel
F8 Show / Hide Info Panel
F9 Show / Hide Actions Panel
F12 Revert

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